Easysoap is a skin care active oxygen-based disinfectant hand foam for daily hand hygiene. Disinfection formula based on nature friendly ingredients, enriched with active oxygen elements and a moisturizing effect for optimal hand care and Soft Touch feel. Disinfect or wash your hands simple, effective and with care.

Easysoap believes high-quality cleaning products and sustainability go hand-in-hand: good for our planet and for people.

By using a biodegradable soluble powder, 100% Bio-degradable packaging and life-long high-quality sustainable bottles, we reduce the use of plastic and make sure no harmful chemicals end up in our environment. We are committed to making professional cleaning fun and easy, and conserving our planet while doing it.

Our Misson

All children have the right to hygiene and the ability to wash and disinfect and not give diseases a chance.



  •  –Kills up to 99.999999% (Log 8) of the most common bacteria, fungi and spores. 
  • – Active oxygen formula for safe hand disinfection.
  • – In powdered form, add water yourself (100% active product guarantee after preparation)
  • – Proven dermatologically safe ingredients (FREE FROM: chlorine, ammonia, alcohol, parabens and EDTAs).
  • – Moisturizing effect through pure JoJoba-oil
  • – Soft Touch feel (no drying skin and chapping)
  • – Long-term active nurturing effect
  • – 100% nature friendly ingredients
  • – Optimal Cleaning & Hygienic care (dry hand washing)
  • – Compostable 100ml, 250ml, 1000ml packaging (exact dosage)
  • – Stronger and faster oxidizing agent than Chlorine


  • – Oxy Foam formula 97% volume/weight reduction compared to ready-to-use variants.
  • – Delivery guarantee on ingredients and product from “Dutch producer”* unlike Ethanol / Alcohol containing products.
  • – Extremely long shelf life* if powder kept dry and at room temperature
  • – Optimal efficient with regards to Cost and Environment (CO2)
  • – Multi-year research and “clinically” proven ingredients by ECHA

Our Product Video

The development of Easysoap by Frezcool arose from the question, how can we deal with the environment in an environmentally conscious way and at the same time pay attention to hand washing and
disinfection, for the millions of children who are not have the access to hand hygiene.